14 September, 2021

Painting your home can be both an exciting and stressful time. We don’t paint our homes frequently, but when we do, it’s important to be well-organized and prepared.

Painting on your own can get messy at times. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with professional home painters near you for a hassle-free painting experience. However, if you are still willing to do it on your own, you’ll need to be prepared to avoid unnecessary complications.

Does Your Home Require Painting?

Professionals recommend painting your home every three to five years. However, since interior paint has the potential to last for longer, one could wait for ten years or more before repainting. If you see that your walls are showing signs of dryness, flaking, or shedding, you’ll know it’s time for a paint job.

What To Do Before Getting Started?

Before you get started with your painting, we want you to consider these things to avoid any complications.

Prep First!

Don’t quickly jump into your painting project. Taping off or covering any areas that do not require painting can prevent those areas from any accidental paint spillage. You must give considerable time to planning and preparing your project to make sure you get the desired results.

Use a Drop Cloth

It is important to cover the floor with drop cloths to prevent any accidental unwanted painting. You don’t want a damaged floor that burns a hole in your pocket later. Canvas drop cloths work best, but are more expensive than plastic ones.

What Are the Best Painting Tools for Your Home?

It is important that the tools you use are of reasonable quality. It will make your job easier and give you great results. Here are the most essential tools you will need through the process:

Paint Tray

Getting a metal paint tray can be the best and most affordable option. However, you will need to clean it between different colors of paint. You could also consider disposable plastic trays or inserts if you want to minimize the amount of cleaning required.


A standard 9-inch roller and 3/8-inch nap are good to roll over wide spaces of the walls. For tight spaces, you can use mini roller that will help you be sure to cover each nook and cranny.

Extension Pole and Ladder

You may want to apply paint using the traditional wooden chair method to reach high spaces or ceilings as it saves your expenses, but we suggest you buy an adjustable extension pole with a rubber grip to avoid any risks or hazards. Also, a six-foot fiberglass or aluminum ladder would be valuable when trying to paint areas that are hard to reach.

Bottom Line

If you are still aren’t sure about painting yourself, reach out to the experts at Pelligrini’s Platinum Painting Services. We are proud to provide Sonoma County with high-quality services. Call us at (707) 291-2615 to discuss your project.