4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Interior Paint Colors

The color of your room will ultimately decide the energy that flows through your house and the vibe it gives off. This may be the one you will have to live with for years, as painting a wall is relatively difficult. Interior painters in Santa Rosa have years of experience and expertise that they use to help their customers find paints that fit both their lives and needs.

So, before you pick up your paintbrush, consider these common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Don’t Pick Your Wall Color First

When you think about decorating your dream house, among the first things that spring to mind is what color you want your walls to be. Instead, wait on picking the color until after you have worked out the rest of the interior. The color of your walls must go well with the overall palette of the room and whether you want a chic or a laidback or a formal vibe. We advise you to sit with a notebook, with a design in mind, and plan out the whole room.

Not Using a Sample to Test Out the Color

Looking at tiny swatch samples is no longer enough. The color that you finally choose for your room needs to go well with the lighting and the decor. Test out your preferred color by taking the samples home and painting an area of the wall. To make the most informed decision, take a look at your samples at different hours during the day and see how it looks under different lighting.

Choosing Different Color Palettes for Different Rooms

A huge mistake while painting a room is not considering the way it will look along with the rest of the rooms in the house. When you consider your home as a whole, it puts things in perspective about choosing the right color palette. Having the same energy flow through all your rooms will help you choose a cohesive style for each room. Ultimately, they must give an appropriate representation of the people living inside it.

Choosing Too Many Colors in One Room

Like we said earlier, planning ahead is essential. When you put too many bright colors in a room, it throws off the balance and can seem too stressful to the eye. It might sound tempting to make your room bright and colorful. However, we advise you to stick to an accent wall that will portray the way you feel and subtle tones to help shift the focus on the accent wall. Besides, you may also choose a neutral color for the wall and include contrasting pieces of furniture to make the area interesting.

Spending time in your house should be relaxing. To make your dream home journey stress-free, feel free to contact Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services, the best interior painters in Santa Rosa. Let us help you choose the most flattering colors that accurately bring out your personality and turn your house into a home. Give us a call at (707) 291-2615 today!