4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Painting Contractor

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a great way to liven up your spaces and protect surfaces from premature deterioration.  Whether you are painting a new building for the first time or repainting an old building, hire a painter in Sonoma County for the job.

There is no shortage of painters in our county. With so many options, it’s easy for a business owner to get overwhelmed and choose the wrong painter for their project. This could prove to be a costly mistake. An amateur is highly likely to make a mistake that can negatively affect paint performance and cut short its service life.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of things to consider when hiring a painter.


Look for a professional who has experience managing projects similar to yours. Check if the contractor you are considering has specialized tools and equipment for the job.

Insurance and Licensing

Hiring a licensed contractor is not a guarantee that your project will be delivered on-time and on-budget. However, you can expect a licensed professional to provide standardized services.

Before hiring a painter, check their license to see if it is valid. If something’s amiss, do not hesitate to check the business with the local licensing authority.

Make sure the provider you are considering carries liability insurance. If you hire a painter that does not have liability insurance and someone on their team gets injured while working on your property, you may be held liable for damages.

Communication Skills

Every year so many painting projects get derailed or fail because the project owner and the painter were not on the same page or the painter did not understand the business owner’s vision properly and results fell short of expectations.

Look for an expert communicator with good listening skills. Someone who can ensure seamless communication. You will want to hire a professional who can effectively understand your needs, preferences, expectations and concerns and deliver an end product that ticks all the right boxes for you.


Before hiring a professional for your painting project, do your homework. Research them online to see what people are talking about them. Visit reputable review sites such as BBB reviews and Yelp to check online reviews. Visit their social media profiles and check comments on their posts.

If a friend or family member had hired them in the past, ask them about their experience working with the contractor and if they’d hire the professional for future projects.

Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services is a reputable painting contractor serving the North Bay. We have a culture of delivering results that exceed customer expectations. To learn more, call (707) 291-2615.

The Best Paint Colors for Guest Rooms

Walls are the foundation for creating a quiet, tranquil guest room. Your choice of paint will help create a mood in the room and serve as a blank canvas for the rest of your decor. When considering guest bedroom paint ideas, choose a color that is both universal and comforting. Even if a guest room isn’t used very often, the proper color palette won’t bother your guests and is simple to decorate around.

Consider the accessories after you’ve decided on a color. Your guests will feel more at ease in a guest room that is be decorated and purposefully styled rather than cobbled together. Spend time creating the ideal, relaxing space with little things that make your property feel like home to make your guests feel at ease.

Read on to learn some of the best paint colors and combinations for guest rooms according to renowned Sonoma County house painters, Platinum Painting.

Some Ideas to Get You Started

Here are some quick ideas to spark creativity in your mind. You may want to start experimenting with the color ranges that we discuss below:

  • Light and dark neutrals
  • Soft pinks and greens
  • Enduring navy and brown

These colors are great for creating a tranquil, cheery, and comforting environment.

What’s the Ideal Color Palette for a Guest Room?

Now is the time to consider how to update the look of your room to make it warm and attractive for when you welcome guests back into your house.

When it comes to common guest rooms, neutral hues are ideal. They establish the ideal tone when you’re working or being creative, as well as when your guests are ready to unwind after a hard day on the road.

Walls painted in a creamy white or light beige can serve as the perfect backdrop for any color scheme. Brighter colors can be added with highlights such as fabrics, artwork, furniture, and decorative items.

Some Experimental Suggestions

If you’d like to keep things neutral but don’t want to go with white walls, there are plenty of other options. Greige, a combination of grey and beige, is a color we’ve seen a lot of lately as it provides a warmer vibe than conventional grey.

A very delicate yellow—think white with a dash of sunshine—is another unexpected take on a neutral.

This is a terrific technique to add warmth to the room without going overboard with the paint. A barely blush pink can be used to get a similar effect.

These color recommendations can help you create a lovely area that everyone will like spending time in, whether you have a dedicated guest room or a multipurpose room. You’ll be shocked at how much a fresh coat of paint can change the look of a room!

If you are not sure how to determine the right color combination for your guest room, let’s talk! We are some of the best house painters in Sonoma County. Reach out to us at (707) 291-2615.

Hiring House Painters – 5 Questions to Ask

Planning a painting project? Consider hiring a house painter in Sonoma County. An experienced, skilled house painter will help you choose the right colors for your home and come up with a plan to ensure flawless execution.

Once you have a list of your preferred painters, ask them these questions to determine whether they are a good fit to take on your project.

How Experienced Are You?

Ask the professional whether they have worked on projects similar to yours. Experienced painters have a strong network of suppliers. They often leverage their network to save time and money without compromising on quality. An experienced painter knows everything there is to know about different shades of paint.

An expert and skilled painter will help you choose the right paint for your surfaces and the right color palette for your home. Ask potential contractors to provide references. Call some of these references and ask them about their experience of working with the professional.

Do You Provide Warranties?

Many, but not all painting contractors provide warranties. When interviewing a painting contractor, do not assume anything. Ask potential contractors whether they attest to warranties on particular painting products and are willing to come back for a certain amount of time to fix any problems that may arise after the job is finished.

How Much Will the Project Cost?

Ask every painter you interview to give you a project estimate. This will give you an idea of whether you can afford the professional. Compare quotes from at least three painters to make an informed decision while keeping your budget in mind.

While cost is an important factor, it should not be your only consideration when choosing a painter. Steer clear of painters who quote remarkably lower than the market rate. Remember, you get what you pay for. A painter who quotes unrealistically low prices is likely to provide low-quality service.

When asking for an estimate, discuss your ballpark budget. Make sure all the candidates provide bids on the same project scope.

Do You Recommend Any Products or Colors?

Look for a painter who uses high-quality products and colors. When interviewing a painter, discuss your painting ideas.

An experienced and skilled painter stays on top of industry trends and can offer advice, tips, warnings, and ideas. If a professional recommends a certain brand, ask them the difference between the products by the company and their rivals.

How Do You Clean Up At the End of Each Day?

A painting project can last for days, even weeks. When interviewing potential contractors, ask them to describe the process they use to clean and sanitize the work area after completing work everyday. Get in writing that the area will be cleaned and organized at the end of each workday.

The team at Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services is comprised of expert house painters in Sonoma County. We are a Lead-Safe certified business. Whether you plan to restore an old commercial property to its former glory or want to give your home a facelift, our team has you covered. To discuss your project, call us (707) 291-2615.

How Often Should You Repaint Your House?

Painting your home is one of the most effective ways to boost its value and increase its aesthetic appeal. You cannot paint your home once and forget it. As paint surfaces age, the capability of paint to withstand stress from expansion and contraction takes a hit.

This often results in loss of adhesion through cracking, flaking, peeling, and blistering paint. To help maintain the value of your home, consider repainting your exterior periodically.

Many homeowners know the benefits of repainting their homes but cannot figure out the best time to schedule the activity. The following guide will help you determine the best time to repaint your home.

How Long Does Paint Last on the Exterior of a Home?

How long your exterior paint will last will primarily depend on two factors – exterior building materials and the location of your home.

External Surface Building Materials

When determining the right time to repaint your exterior, consider the materials that comprise it. Here is a list of common exterior building materials.

  • Wood: Wood sidings should be repainted every 3-7 years. Consider staining them every 4-5 years.
  • Aluminum Siding: House painters in Sonoma Countyrecommend painting aluminum sidings every five years.
  • Brick: A quality paint job will last for years. Brick surfaces typically need to be painted every 15-20 years.
  • Stucco: If you have a stucco exterior, have it painted by a house painter in Sonoma County every 5-7 years.
  • Fiberboard Siding: A cement fiberboard siding can go 10-15 years before repainting.

The Location of Your Home

The location of a home has a significant impact on how long an exterior paint job will last. Homeowners in areas that experience frequent thunderstorms must have the exteriors of their homes frequently repainted (every 4 years or sooner).

Homeowners in coastal areas with hot, sticky weather must also consider having their exteriors repainted frequently to keep their homes looking fresh.

Sonoma County has a great degree of climatic variations and different microclimates. The county experiences occasional temperature extremes and hard rains. When determining the frequency of repainting, your house painter in Sonoma County will consider the local climate and every other factor at play to help make recommendations based on their expertise.

Some Other Factors That Affect the Durability of an External Paint Job

  • The Quality of the Previous Paint Job: Everything from the type and quality of paint used to the number of coats applied will impact longevity. Temperature and weather conditions (overcast vs. sunny) on the day the home was repainted will affect the time taken by the paint to dry.
  • Exterior Maintenance: If you watch for and address signs of wear and tear such as chalkiness and dampness in a timely manner, your paint job will last longer.

Still cannot figure out the right time to repaint your home? Let experts at Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services help. We use high-quality exterior and interior paints and coatings. We are committed to helping our customers keep their homes looking fresh for years. To discuss your project, call us at (707) 291-2615.