Why Repaint Your Commercial Property?

Thinking of giving your commercial property a makeover? Consider repainting it. Repainting your commercial property is a great way to enhance its aesthetic appeal and breathe new life into it. A freshly painted building catches the eye and can transform it into something extraordinary.

Here are some benefits of repainting your commercial property.

Helps Create Positive First Impression

First impressions matter! A freshly painted building will help create a positive first impression. A fresh coat of paint can hide structural imperfections and add character to your building. It can also help improve the mood in your building.

The appearance of your building can affect your target audience’s and clients’ perception of your brand. Every business owner has a reputation to uphold. When you repaint your building, you send the message that you care about your brand image.

Protect Your investment

Exposure to heat and moisture can cause wear and tear on exterior surfaces. Over time, rust, water damage, and corrosion are inevitable. If your paint is old, chipping, or peeling off, consider repainting your building.

A quality paint does more than just enhance aesthetics, it’s serves as an additional layer of protection. Commercial paint also protects the interior surfaces of your property from premature deterioration, scratches, chips, and other sources of potential damage.

If your building houses heavy machinery and equipment, make applying a protective coating to your paint a high priority. When choosing a coating, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many choices. If you are confused between multiple seemingly equally good options, seek help from a commercial painter near you.

Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

As an employer, you are responsible for creating a positive work environment. Your employees deserve to have a clean and bright working environment. Colors have a significant impact on mood and can affect employee morale and happiness.

Repainting your building can make it feel more inviting and welcoming, uplifting the mood in your workplace. It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive and may even call in sick less frequently. A positive work environment can even foster creativity and innovation and bring out the best in your employees.

Adherence to Guidelines

If your commercial building was constructed before 1978, it may contain lead paint. Lead is a toxic metal. Exposure to lead can cause severe, even irreversible brain and nervous system damage, learning and behavior problems in kids and growth delays.

It is mandatory for some types of businesses to get rid of lead paint in their properties and hire a commercial contractor to replace it with a sustainable, safe and non-toxic alternative. If you fail to comply with OSHA standards regarding lead removal, you may be slapped with a heavy penalty.

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Planning to Hire a Commercial Painter? Here are Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Maintaining the aesthetics of your building should be one of your top priorities. An aesthetically pleasing building will lead to greater employee satisfaction, productivity, and help make a positive first impression on your clients and visitors.

Painting your building is one of the most effective ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look and feel of your building.

Hiring a painter for your project is a big decision. Your choice of the painter can make or break your commercial painting project. Before hiring a commercial painter near you, you need to ensure they are worthy of your trust.

We’ve compiled a list of questions that you should refer to before hiring an experienced commercial painter with a proven track record of success, like Platinum Painting.

What Should I look for in a painting contractor?

The first step to hiring a commercial painting contractor is to consider your options. Research the painting companies you are considering to see if there’s one that jumps out at you. When visiting their websites, review their portfolio of previous projects to get a sense of the quality and scope of their work.

A business’s Google My Business profiles and Google reviews are a great place to start when seeking out qualified commercial painters. Find out whether they hold any certifications and look for licensed, insured contractors. Remember to read their service policy and statement that contains information regarding the practices they follow.

Before you hire a commercial painter, remember to ask about what warranties they offer. Painting contractors typically offer 1-5 years warranties.

How can I book a painting estimate?

Once you have found commercial painters near you who are worth your consideration, you should focus on receiving quotes. Many painting contractors allow potential customers to book a painting estimate through their websites. You can also call a contractor’s office or drop them an email requesting a quotation.

After a contractor receives your request, they may call you up or respond to your email requesting additional information about your project so that they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

What should a painting quote include?

Your painting quote should include a detailed breakdown and explanation of each of the cost elements. You will likely receive the quote through email or a printed packet detailing the specifics of your project. If you do not understand a particular cost element, do not hesitate to call up your contractor. A reputable contractor would be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you feel at ease.

What does a painting contract include?

A painting contract should:

➢ Outline the project’s scope

➢ Include payment details such as payment method and payment schedule

➢ Include details regarding deadlines and materials

➢ Explain the rights and duties of the parties to the contract

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