Reasons to Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

The long and cold days of winter have finally come to an end and it is time to welcome spring. Typical spring cleaning may start with yard work and the deep cleaning of houses. However, most homeowners overlook the exteriors of their homes. A fresh coat of paint is all you need to give your house a great makeover. If a great looking home is not reason enough, painting the exteriors of your home brings a wide variety of benefits to you and your home. Listed below are a few advantages you must get familiarized with before calling exterior painters in Santa Rosa, CA.

Avoid Expensive Repairs – One of the biggest advantages of having your house painted soon after winter is that the prepping process will help reveal a lot of damaged spots that you may otherwise not observe. As your painter goes around the home’s exteriors, they will spot repair work that can be addressed right away. Additionally, they will fill up any cracks with fresh caulking which will help insulate your house and keep the elements out where they belong.

Boost Curb Appeal – A coat of fresh paint can change the look of your home drastically. And, what better time to paint your house than spring? This is the perfect time for you to go wild and pick a color combination that will represent your personality and taste. The fresh, vibrant colors you pick and the crisp new coat of paint will change the look of your house instantly. This not only boosts the curb appeal of your house but also increases the value of your home.

Creates a Protective Seal – It is needless to say that the exterior paint protects your house. It is the first line of defense for your house against the elements. A good coat of paint will protect your house from heat, cold, sunlight, dirt, wind, and moisture. Without paint, moisture is bound to seep into the wood and lead to the formation of mold and fungus. This is why it is important to paint your house once every 5 years, if not sooner. A fresh coat of paint forms a waterproof barrier and makes way for water to roll off the house and onto the ground. The painting also fills up small holes and gaps that could otherwise turn into a point for water to stagnate. Paint also makes wood a lot less attractive to pests such as termites, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, and even woodpeckers. Suffice to say that paint acts like the skin of your house – not only does it keep unwanted substances out but also protects the interiors.

Waste no time! Now that it is sunny and bright again, it is time to give your home a splash of paint. If you are looking for reliable interior or exterior painting services in Santa Rosa, Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services is a name you can trust. Call us today at (707) 291-2615 for an obligation-free quote.

Why Should I Hire a Painter for Painting My Walls Instead of Doing It Myself?

Painting the walls of your home is a surefire way to revitalize your abode. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a drab, uninspiring room. You may think that painting projects do not involve a lot of work. After all, rollers, brushes, a few scrapes, and paint is all you need to add exciting colors to your home, right? Wrong! Painting jobs are not as simple as they may seem. There are a lot of factors involved.

Only painting contractors in Sonoma County have an in-depth understanding of important factors for project success. While hiring a painting contractor in Sonoma County can set you back a few hundred dollars, it is a worthwhile investment as you will save money in the long run. Here are some reasons why hiring an expert for a painting job makes sense.


Before you pick up a brush and start painting your walls, think about the value that a painting contractor brings to the table. An experienced painter possesses a range of skills required to plan, source, and execute projects. They have real-world professional experience.

Before starting to work on a project, painting contractors create an action plan that helps them focus on critical tasks. A professional can deliver results that aren’t easy for enthusiastic DIYers to accomplish.


Painting contractors have the proper techniques under their belt. They know everything there is to know about different types of paints and painting techniques. When choosing the right paint for a project, a contractor considers several factors, including the type of materials and textures of surfaces to be painted.

Before starting to work on a painting project, a contractor prepares the areas for painting by removing damaged paint and cleaning and repairing damaged surfaces to get the best results. They use proper painting techniques and take steps to ensure paint jobs last for many years.

An In-Depth Understanding of Safety Risks

Most painting jobs do not require heavy machinery. This, however, does not mean that there aren’t hazards associated with painting. Every now and then, we hear scary stories of enthusiastic DIYers getting exposed to solvents and hazardous dusts. Plus, working on a ladder or scaffolding can be extremely dangerous, especially if you do not have any prior experience.

Ensuring safe disposal of debris and residues and hazardous wastes can be a major headache for homeowners. Painting contractors are well aware of these safety risks. They take various steps and adopt different strategies for successful project execution.

The benefits of hiring a painting contractor for your painting project outweigh the costs. At Pellegrini’s Platinum Painting Services, we are committed to delivering value for our customers’ investment. We have worked for years to master proper painting techniques. For us, painting is more than just a job. It’s an art. To discuss your project with one of our professional painters, call us at 707-291-2615 or submit a form, and we will contact you shortly.